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St. Timothy's Preschool
What parents say about us ...

"Janet Kolstad was my daughter's preschool teacher a few years ago. She is EXCELLENT. I saw how she quickly understood the individual needs of each child. She speaks kindly and clearly. She has superb continuity in her "curriculum." My daughter still talks about how much she loved preschool and I am so grateful to have had Janet as one of her teachers!! I recommend St. Timothy's Preschool to any and all mothers of tots ! — Tanya F., Los Altos

" St. Timothy's has proven to be a warm and caring environment for my daughter. .. the children get a lot of interaction both with the teachers and the students. The teachers are always keenly in tune with the children and helping mediate those social interactions that preschoolers are still learning to develop. The teachers seem to have a calm and patient way of guiding and working with preschoolers.

The facility itself is also really lovely - the classroom has nice, natural toys and is decorated with art that the children make, and inspired by their interests. The outdoor area for daily outside time is also really nice and has so many ride-on toys and materials exploration toys (in addition to play structures).

The teachers are always warm and welcoming, and invite parents to discuss their concerns. It has also been wonderful to receive regular newsletters with updates and photos of children's engagement in the activities, and to see anecdotes from conversations and pieces of artwork on the walls, to feel like I'm engaged and able to stay in tune well with what's going on in the classroom.
— Angela L., Mountain View

" Our three-year old twins are really enjoying the personalized attention they receive at St. Tim's. The small class size, play-oriented environment, engaged and experienced teachers are what drew us to choose St. Tim's. My kids are learning how to socialize well in a lightly structured environment that truly caters to each child's needs and passions. We feel they are known and cared for within a positive community! — Leslie W., Mountain View

" My daughter is thriving here. The small class has allowed her to make friends, and me to get to know other parents . The teachers are very warm & caring, and I appreciate their attention to 'sharing, caring' skills. Children are encouraged to explore here, and my child has enjoyed the natural materials, the community of learners the teachers are facilitating and child-led activities. It's a great place for preschoolers! — Shelly H., Mountain View