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Janet Kolsted

St. Timothy's Preschool Director

Janet KolstadMrs. Janet Kolstad, M.A. is the St. Timothy's Episcopal Church Preschool Director. Janet, who also teaches early childhood college courses and parenting classes, comes to us from Ventana School and Los Altos Parents Preschool.

Janet started her career as an engineer at ROLM Systems and Lucent Technologies and as a manager at Lucent and PlaceWare. When her children were young, she began teaching children's music classes, as she studied music as well as engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. She has held board positions with Music for Minors, a local non-profit that provides music education to elementary schools. She discovered her love for working with young children and began a second career in early childhood education after coursework at DeAnza and Foothill Colleges and San Jose State University.

She has worked as a co-director and teacher at Tiny Tots Preschool, Los Altos. At Los Altos Parent Preschool, she served as a lead teacher and co-director and worked as part of a team to secure a new campus, and relocate the school in 2012. Most recently, she has been a teacher at Ventana School, an Episcopal school, and this year, adjunct faculty at Pacific Oaks College where she received her master's degree in Human Development.

"I love working with very young children because they are unique and bright human beings who are curious about the world," said Mrs. Kolstad. "They are so ready to learn, and my job as their teacher is to fuel their curiosity by providing a safe and interesting environment, asking questions, and appreciating who they are as individuals."

She is also active in scouting as a volunteer with her son's Boy Scout Troop, leader of her daughter's Girl Scout Troop, and service unit level volunteer with Girl Scouts.

The preschool incorporates faith-directed elements into the curriculum activities, based on the key messages in each of the church's liturgical seasons. Our church is committed to its goal of providing integrated programs to the congregation and the community that promote the universal values of sharing and caring within a context of love and faith.

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Kalpana Shakya

St. Timothy's Preschool Teacher

KalpanaKalpana Shakya, Teacher, has worked and studied at Mountain View Parent Nursery School and Google Preschool. She has a master's in Business Studies from Nepal, where she also taught math and science to elementary students. She earned her associate's degree in Child Development and site supervisor permit from Foothill College. She also has mentored and taught children individually both as an aide at Ventana School and as a caregiver.

She says, "I strongly believe that building a good relationship is the foundation for child guidance. I believe taking care of children is an art as every child is different and does things in a different way. And, every teacher is supposed to become a perfect artist in this field of supervision, proper guidance, love and care. However, the personal values among teachers may vary. Understanding others' values is the most important asset of a good teacher. Also, respecting the diversity of families and children through developing the learning dispositions is equally important in a teaching career."

She lives in Mountain View with her husband and two daughters. She also speaks Nepali, Newari and Hindi.

Marina Andrijevic

St. Timothy's Preschool Teacher

Marina I am very excited to be a part of St. Timothy Preschool's community. My passion for early childhood education started more than a decade ago. I have been working with children in the USA since 2007 and prior to that in my home country of Serbia. I hold a BA from Serbia and AA in ECE from \Canada College in Redwood City. Currently, I am working on my Master Degree in Human Development at Pacific Oaks College.

My teaching philosophy is based on the work of theorists Lev Vygotsky, the early childhood movement from Reggio Emilia, Italy and AnjiPlay (internationally recognized ECE curriculum developed in China). I do believe that children have "one hundred languages" (Loris Malaguzzi). This is why we educators are also researchers. We need to research and discover the many ways that children learn and communicate with us.

It is extremely important to build relationships, not only with the children themselves, but also with the community at large where each child's family is included in the experience of discovery and learning. Children need to be exposed to a variety of experiences because that is the way they construct their knowledge. It is a process of actions and adventures, exploration, trial and error, connections and problem solving.

Lisa The Rev. Lisa McIndoo

Rector, St. Timothy's Episcopal Church

Myu Myu Campbell

Parish Preschool Administrative Liasion

Myu is a St. Timothy's parishioner and avid volunteer who supports the parish and school connection.